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The Joke That Got Me Through My First Year

I wonder if I would have made use of this site, had it been around my first year of teaching. I like to think that I would have and that most of the details from my horrible, yet instructive, first … Continue reading

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New York City: Waiting for Superman … got Lois Lane instead

Just wanted to be the first publish that line publicly. Long essay about the appointment of new New York City Chancellor Catherine Brown coming soon …

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My Options

For three years, between 1992 and 1995, I wrote a monthly column for the TFA-Houston newsletter. I’ve been recently digging them up and posting them here. Parts of these essays have appeared in my two books, but the ‘director’s’ cut … Continue reading

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My Reason

After my extremely challenging first year and very good second year of teaching, I decided to stay for a third year of teaching. Back then, I didn’t even know if that was ‘allowed’ but I wanted to. Just as it … Continue reading

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