A great blog entry (and it’s not by me!)

I just wanted to pass on a great blog entry by fellow TFA alum Roxanna Elden (author of what should be required reading for every TFA CM ‘See Me After Class,’ if only TFA would put it on their recommended reading list — which they won’t since they fear that CMs won’t be able to get the edgy humor).  Though TFA ‘the organization’ is generally a humorless thing that often gets caught up in the trendy ‘progressive movement,’ there are may TFA alums, like Roxanna, who just ‘get it’ in a way that current education reformers, including most of the TFA staff, probably never will.

Way to go Roxanna!  Check out the entry here.

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1 Response to A great blog entry (and it’s not by me!)

  1. Ms. Math says:

    This was hilarious. Thanks for pointing it out-
    to be fair to TFA my community leader boss asked me to be more daring, opinionated, and more like a real person with my weekly discussion posts-it is scary to push the edge though because sometimes the truth doesn’t seem consistent with having a sense of possibility.

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