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Is Poverty Destiny?

Which of the following two statements would get a standing ovation at a TFA event? 1.  “Poverty is not destiny. Social challenges in the community are not destiny. We can take you to school after school in some of the … Continue reading

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We’re Number 25 (and that’s not so bad)

In one of Obama’s recent speeches, he said that we were at a new ‘Sputnik Moment’ since the U.S. ranked 25 out of 34 countries in Math on a recent international comparison called the PISA. This probably scared a lot … Continue reading

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KIPP’s Atrocious Attrition

I’ve been getting concerned lately about how TFA and TFA related organizations have been misleading the public about their successes. I know that every company tries to put the most positive spin on their results so that they can continue … Continue reading

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