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Some Charters finally admit attrition — then rationalize it

There are much more subtle ways to fraudulently raise test scores than tampering with student test papers.  One that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the practice by many charter schools of improving their test scores through attrition.  … Continue reading

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KIPP On Trickin’ — looking at the raw data

I’ve written before about KIPP attrition in response to reports that had been released studying it.  When reports conclude that KIPP does not have high attrition, they tout it on their websites.  When reports concluded that they do have high … Continue reading

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Tips On Being An Effective Teacher

Many people have been commenting that they’d like more helpful teaching advice and fewer angry rants from me.  When I started writing this blog, that was the main point, and most of my earlier posts were just that.  So what … Continue reading

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