Correction: My live interactive internet show will be NEXT Wenesday

Over the summer I completely lose track of what day of the month it is.  I thought next Wednesday was the 24th, but now I realize that it’s the 31st.

Here’s a copy of my last post corrected:

So you loved my book.  And you loved my blog even more.  Well, how then are you going to feel about my upcoming live internet TV talk show hosted by an amazing new site (which isn’t even ‘live’ yet) called Spreecast.

Spreecast is basically Talk Radio meets YouTube.  It will enable me (or anyone else) to create a live webcast in which people who are listening in can join the conversation and up to four people can appear on the screen at a time like a news show.

I’ll probably do a five minute monologue, then have some invited guests, and then open up the lines for people to interact, live, with me and the guests.  It all gets recorded too and archived if you’re not able to watch live.

The first show will be broadcast live on Wednesday August 31st at 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  In order to watch or participate, you will need a password.  So for the first 20 people who leave a comment on this post expressing interest (don’t put your email into the comment, itself, but into the email field so I can see it only) can reserve a spot to this exclusive and historic event.

Let me know in your comment if you’re joining to express thanks for my frankness or if you’re joining to heckle me or if you’re a TFA staffer, or whatever.  I’m not going to exclude anybody, but it would be good for me to get a sense of who this group of people will be before I go live (from the laundry room in my building, I think — two kids at home, a 3 year old and a 4 month old will be sleeping!).

In about a month the site will go public and then anyone can sign up and see future broadcasts (or archived ones).

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1 Response to Correction: My live interactive internet show will be NEXT Wenesday

  1. Adam Geller says:

    Looking forward to meeting bloggers and blog readers.

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