Two more days until first public live interactive show!

10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, I will be live on the internet interviewing people, answering questions, talking new teachers about to quit off the ledge, and anything else that might happen on a live show. You can join in to watch or to participate, it’s up to you. You need a webcam and the latest version of flash to participate, but you can just watch if you want, and even type in questions if you don’t want to be on screen.

I think it will go from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM. See you there.

Here’s a copy of the description from my last post:

I’m hosting a live interactive talk show about education on a new website that could very well be ‘the next big thing’ — Spreecast.

I did a pilot episode a few weeks ago, where I spoke with some 2011 CMs and also tried to interview the creator of, is now viewable by the public.  It is pretty ‘rough’ with technical problems, but I think it will give you an idea of what it’s like.  If you tune in on Wednesday September 21st at 10:00 PM EST, you can watch or even join in on the discussion.

The show will be at

Things that may / may not happen on the show:
I’ll give advice to new teachers.
I’ll help math teachers plan their lessons.
I’ll fight with ‘reformers’.
I’ll be pretending to be humbled by people thanking me for all I’ve done for the education discussion in this country.
I’ll be whispering so I don’t wake up my kids.
I’ll interview special guests.

I’ve archived the ‘pilot episode’ which you can watch at Right now, to get it playing you have to move the slider at the bottom to 6:11.

Or, if you want to see something a little lighter, you can watch me interview my 3 1/2 year old daughter about education issues (if you can get past the echo — you’re not supposed to be sitting across from the other person when you do this, apparently), you can see that at

Anyway, you don’t have to RSVP, but if you might be watching you can leave a comment on this page, just to let me know. Just go to the site Wednesday September 21st at 10:00 PM EST and hopefully it’s a good show.

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