A Newbie’s Guide To My Blog

If this is your first time here, Welcome!

Over the past 3 years my posts have fallen into different categories, which you can access by locating the ‘categories’ menu on the right pane, near the bottom.

‘Teaching Advice’ is what I started using this blog for. I was working on my second book and I thought this would be a good place to try out some ideas.

‘Columns From TFA Newsletter’ are essays I wrote between 1992 and 1995 for the Houston TFA newsletter. These are mainly for entertainment. I started putting these up when I ran out of teaching advice.

‘Debunking’ is something I started in March 2011 after seeing Duncan lie about a ‘miracle’ school at the TFA 20th year reunion. Since ed ‘reformers’ have no proof that their approaches including shutting down schools and firing teachers, work. They rely on people believing their stories of inflated success. The debunkings can be about individual schools, or even full districts. These are my most important posts, I think.

‘Research’ is when I look over a published paper that an ed reformer uses as evidence of something and show that the paper is either flawed or that it proves something else when you read the whole thing in context.

‘Debates’ are posts analyzing debates, generally Diane Ravitch vs. others.

‘Book Reviews’ are extensive analyses of the books ‘Teaching As Leadership’, ‘A Chance To Make History’, and ‘Class Warfare’.

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