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Virgin Mary On A Grilled Cheese And Other Miracles

Somewhere, Woodward and Bernstein are weeping. I entered the fight against the ‘reformers’ back in February after hearing Duncan claim that a school in Chicago got dramatic results by shutting down and replacing with a charter school in the same … Continue reading

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Panel with Ravitch and Rhee Part III

Click here for part I Click here for part II So far the panelists have had two rounds to discuss what the they think the cause of the achievement gap is and also what some possible remedies are. Only Rhee, … Continue reading

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Panel With Ravitch and Rhee Part II

Click here for part I Part I ended with Michelle Rhee’s lengthy answer about how the achievement gap was caused, in part, by poor school management, two-prong outlets, and, of course, lack of teacher accountability. Her knowledge of the causes … Continue reading

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