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NPR Interview

About a week ago I was contacted by someone from the NPR show ‘Tell Me More.’ They wanted to interview me about a blog post I wrote back in October called ‘Why I Did TFA and Why You Shouldn’t‘. Originally … Continue reading

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Occupy TFA

I mused recently about how I might encourage new corps members to somehow ‘disrupt’ training this summer if some of the flaws in the model have not been fixed. As I’m going to be pretty busy this summer taking courses … Continue reading

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Toto, we’re not in Kansas City anymore — because we were fired

Though TFA reports the recent attrition rate as 92% completing the first year and 91% completing the second, there are some regions that have much higher quit rates than others. In Kansas City, they fired about 200 experienced teachers last … Continue reading

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Rusama Bin Stein?

The most bizarre moment, so far, of my foray into the ed reform wars happened yesterday.  A few days ago I wrote  a blog post called ‘The resistance grows exponentially’.  My intent was to introduce a new blog exploring some … Continue reading

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Poached Salman

In December I wrote a post called Pro vs. Khan which sparked many angry comments.  My intent was to critique the content on the famous Salman Khan Academy site and to demonstrate what I considered to be a more effective … Continue reading

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The resistance grows exponentially

Five weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled ‘Fly My Pretties’ before taking somewhat of a break from blogging.  The point of that post was to recruit more people, particularly TFA alums as they are considered most ‘credible’, to help … Continue reading

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Teacher Appreciation Week

This week, May 7th to 11th, is Teacher Appreciation Week 2012.  In this current era of teacher bashing, I think all teachers don’t really need anything special — they’d be fine with a five day break. For this post, I’m … Continue reading

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Examining NYC DOE’s Only Egg Basket

When the leaders of the largest school district in the country decide to put all of their proverbial eggs in one basket, that basket had better be strong.  In the case of New York City, this basket is the June … Continue reading

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