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Teach For Un-America

America is supposed to be ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave.’  And our bravery is really just an offshoot of our freedom — we can feel brave to say and write what we want because … Continue reading

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Wendy at Dartmouth: Builders vs. Haters

A few days ago, June 10th, Wendy Kopp, founder of TFA delivered the commencement address at Dartmouth (read it or see it here).  Aside from the appropriate motivational stories that make a commencement speech inspirational and relevant, Wendy also dedicated … Continue reading

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It takes a village

Probably the worst part about being an opponent of bad education reform is when I have to ‘debunk’ a potential ‘miracle school.’  A ‘miracle’ school is one that gets extremely high test scores despite having the same types of students … Continue reading

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Confessions of a recovering value-adder

In general, the ‘better’ I teach, the better my students do on my bi-weekly exams.  A big part of teaching is trying to accurately monitor assessment during the lessons and trying to ensure that by the time that the teacher-made … Continue reading

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A new blogger called bottlecap on this site called ‘Insert Witty Title Here’ has written an interesting post about the experience so far at induction.  It seems that TFA is going heavy with the ‘ice breakers’ and getting people in … Continue reading

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Do effective teachers teach three times as much as ineffective teachers?

I do not deny that some teachers are more talented than others.  My first year I was a very ineffective teacher who spent half of each class trying to maintain order.  My second through fifteenth years, I was much better.  … Continue reading

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Evil geniuses or good simpletons?

When arguing against the corporate reform movement, it is natural to try to figure out what their motivation is.  They SAY that they are doing it for ‘the children,’ but sometimes it is hard to believe.  If they really cared … Continue reading

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Short Documentary: A day in the life at TFA institute

In 2002, a TFA alum made an 11 minute documentary about what a typical day for a New York 2002 corps member was during the summer training.  It aired on PBS along with a bunch of other shorts. Since I … Continue reading

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