Movie teaching vs. real teaching

When new teachers envision what they want to be like in front of their classes, they search their memory banks for what they remember their best teachers being like.  Mixed in with the memory of that teachers are the portrayals of heroic teachers on the silver screen.

About ten years ago I had an idea where I would take clips from famous teaching movies and use them to instruct new teachers about what to do and not to do, based on the actions of these teachers.  Every few years I’d get the tapes out and try to organize them into some kind of coherent flow.  Finally, about two years ago, I got a version of clips that I could work with and presented this workshop to a group of new teachers.  It went OK, but definitely not worthy of an eight year journey.

I never did it again, which was disappointing since there were a lot of good lessons to be learned from these clips.  I eventually worked the ideas into the bonus chapter of the 2nd edition of Reluctant Disciplinarian, published about a year ago.

Today, I got the idea to get the video clips again and record a commentary track so people all over the country can get an opportunity to experience this workshop which took so many years of collecting and hours of editing.

I posted the video here.

I tried to post it on my Dropbox for people to download, but there was too much traffic and my account got suspended.  If anyone knows a good way to share a 220 MB file, let me know.

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6 Responses to Movie teaching vs. real teaching

  1. James says:

    Keen to watch, but looks like this is now gone, too, due to a terms of use (perhaps copyright?) violation.

  2. sellario says:

    Have you seen Detachment?

  3. Yo Mista! says:

    Detachment was an interesting film.

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