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My Review of ‘Teaching In The Terrordome’

I love a great teaching memoir, and Heather Kirn, a TFA alum (Baltimore ’02), just published one called ‘Teaching In The Terrordome’ about her two years in a large high-poverty Baltimore High School.  For what this book was trying to … Continue reading

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When will they shut down the ‘Brooklyn Castle’ school?

Now that ‘Won’t Back Down’ has become one of the biggest bombs in film history, we can forget about it and enjoy a new documentary called ‘Brooklyn Castle’ about the celebrated Chess team from Brooklyn Middle School I.S. 318.  I’ve … Continue reading

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When is the appropriate time to come out to your students?

In this post I’m going to write first about a mistake that a new TFAer in Minnesota made and then about a related, and even bigger mistake that I made during my fourth year.  His mistake is not one that … Continue reading

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My chronology of published writings, radio, and T.V.

I’ve been writing about teaching for twenty years.  This blog post has a chronology of all the published writings, radio, and TV I’ve done.  With a recent publication, I realized that I was starting to lose track so I’d make … Continue reading

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I don’t know about art, but I know what I don’t like

In a bizarre statement, somewhat akin to Arne Duncan’s famous utterance about Katrina being the ‘best’ thing that ever happened to New Orleans schools, is something that NY city Chief Academic Officer, Shael Polakow-Suransky, said about the latest round of … Continue reading

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Any new corps members willing to participate in a research study conducted by three TFA alumnae?

Attention current TFA corps members: Three Teach For America alumnae need your help with some research!   My name is Marialena Rivera, and I am currently a PhD student at the University of California – Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education … Continue reading

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