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Underachievement School District 2014 Edition

The Achievement School District (ASD) in Tennessee is an attempt to replicate the ‘success’ of the Recovery School District (RSD) in Louisiana.  The main difference is that while Louisiana’s RSD was set into action because of a natural disaster, Hurricane … Continue reading

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Guest Post Series. Part 4: Why Dalton Goodier completed his commitment to TFA.

Especially since the website has been essentially shut down, I like to give writers the chance to reach a wider audience with guest posts here on my blog.  This one is by a new TFA alum who has just … Continue reading

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TFA tries, yet fails, to honor teachers

Last week TFA held their annual educator’s conference in Las Vegas. TFA claims that 2/3 of the 30,000 alumni are still ‘in education’ so one would expect this event to have quite a turnout. My understanding is that about 1,000 … Continue reading

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Pay No Attention To The Falling Tennessee Reading Test Scores

To ‘reformers,’ particularly ones in Tennessee, only two things matter in education: Grades 3-8 Math scores and grades 3-8 Reading scores.  This was what got them the shout out from The President of The United States in the last State … Continue reading

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