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Follow The Yellow Brick Load

Tennessee’s Achievement School District (ASD) is the golden child of the reformers.  The mission of the ASD is to take schools in the bottom 5% of the state and, within five years, propel them into the top 25% in the … Continue reading

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I’ll Huffman and I’ll Puffman and I’ll Blow Your District Down

Kevin Huffman was the first Teach For America alum to become a state education commissioner. ¬†Despite having only taught for two years between 1992 and 1994 and having had no role related to schools for the next seventeen years (he … Continue reading

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You Reeka Math

At the NCTM conference last year I attended a talk by Scott Baldridge, lead author of the Eureka math curriculum, which is also called EngageNY in New York. ¬†Education Week recently compared different math curricula to see which were truly … Continue reading

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