KIPPie Does Dallas

Dallas is the childhood home of Wendy Kopp.  And Wendy Kopp begat TFA, and TFA begat Dave Levin and Mike Feinberg, and Dave Levin and Mike Feinberg begat KIPP, and KIPP begat KIPP Destiny Elementary School in Dallas-Fort Worth.  So you’d figure that KIPP Destiny Elementary School had better be pretty good since it is like Wendy’s gift back to the city that nurtured her in her youth.

Texas is adopting a new A-F rating system for all the schools there.  Recently they did a ‘test run’ to show schools what their ratings would be under the new system.  Each school is rated from A-F on four different domains.  Out of 9,000 schools, about 75 of them got 4 Fs.  Then another 175 or so got 3 Fs and a D.

One of those 3 F’s and a D school was, of course, KIPP Destiny Elementary School in Dallas.


So this KIPP school is rated in the bottom 250 schools out of 9,000 schools in Texas which is around the bottom 3%.  There’s a reformer mantra, “Zip code is not destiny.”  I guess in the case of KIPP Destiny, zip code is, in fact, destiny.

There are two other rated KIPPs in Dallas and those have done much better.  But for the KIPPs in Texas, I’ve written already about how about 25% of them got an F in ‘growth.’

I’ve argued in other blog posts that these types of A-F report cards are not really statistically valid and have been used to unfairly label a school as ‘failing.’  I still feel this way.  But I report things like this because I’m so curious how ‘reformers’ respond when they learn that they have to choose between their prized charter chain or their prized weapon for shutting down schools.  Generally, though, they avoid any discussion about dilemmas like this.

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6 Responses to KIPPie Does Dallas

  1. sx04 says:

    Here in Florida, KIPP has been slow to come in. The A to F grading system here is used to shut down failing schools. Thus, charters who want to survive have to screen applicants (in spite of the lottery system). If those who enroll struggle, they are often ‘counseled out’. Florida has been cited by the US DOE Office of Civil Rights for violations. Economic and racial segregation increases. Students with ELL or ESE classifications are excluded. The failure rate of charters is about 30%. Not a pretty picture because achievement gains for charters are no better than comparable schools the students leave behind.

  2. sx04 says:

    Reblogged this on LWVeducation and commented:
    We have a couple of KIPP schools in Florida. They are supposed to be the ultimate turn around schools. They have a ‘no nonsense’ discipline policy. They provide an extra hour for tutoring, and even Saturday and summer school. Some children thrive. Many leave. Gary’s account of KIPP in Texas tells it like it is.

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