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I Taught At The XQ Houston Super School

On September 8th Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell-Jobs, purchased a prime time commercial free hour on the four major TV networks to broadcast something called XQ Super School Live. ┬áReformers were celebrating and tweeting about viewing parties and things like … Continue reading

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Tennessee ASD Gets Lowest Possible Growth Score In 2017

Six years ago, the Tennessee Achievement School District (ASD) was created with the promise that within 5 years they would ‘catapult’ the schools in the bottom 5% to the top 25%.  They would do this by either taking over schools … Continue reading

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Underachievement School District Superintendent Resigns In Disgrace

One of the most high profile experiments in education is Tennessee’s Achievement School District (ASD).  As part of their Race To The Top funding, the former commissioner of education, TFAer Kevin Huffman, hired another TFAer Chris Barbic to make a … Continue reading

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