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Louisiana Moves From 4th Worst To 3rd Worst On AP Performance

Louisiana is one of the most ‘reform friendly’ states in the country.  They got a Race To The Top grant in 2011, in 2012 they got a TFA alum, John White, as their state superintendent and they created an all … Continue reading

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TFA Simultaneously Denounces And Embraces False Dichotomies

There has been a shift in recent years in the sorts of arguments that many reformers use to advance their agenda.  Though some are proudly fanatical, people like Joel Klein, Steve Perry, and Eva Moskowitz and organizations like StudentsFirst and … Continue reading

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My Twenty Years Of Wacky Halloween Costumes

At my school, Stuyvesant High School, there’s a tradition of students and teachers dressing up in some pretty elaborate Halloween costumes.  Now that I’m in my 20th year there, I realize that I’m starting to lose track of all the … Continue reading

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