My ‘Essential Math For Kids (And Parents)’ Series Parts 1 to 3

There’s nothing I like more than talking about math.  There is no math topic that I find too trivial that it is not worthy of intense discussion.  I remember when I was living in Houston and my roommate was a 6th grade teacher and we talked for a very long time about how it is not totally obvious that just because 7+2 is 9 that 9-2 should be 7.

With this pandemic going on and so many people learning math through videos, I’m making a series of videos that I hope helps some parents and teachers help their children or their students learn math.

When complete, this will surely be over 12 hours long, starting with addition and ending with trigonometry.  So far there are three videos that go from kindergarten through about 3rd grade, ending with the dreaded ‘long division.’

Here is a link to a playlist and are the first three installments



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