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Is Math The Emperor’s New Subject?

Most people probably suspect that students spend too many hours learning Math in school. From Kindergarten through twelfth grade, it seems that most students learn some Math pretty much every day. The same can’t be said of other things like … Continue reading

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KIPP Orchestra Leader Arrested For Sexual Abuse Charges From His Years at KIPP

Today the US Attorney’s office for the southern district tweeted this: The description of the charges gets pretty graphic so I will not quote it all here, but part of it says: From at least in or about 2002 through … Continue reading

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The First Rule Of The TFA Institute Is You Don’t Talk About The TFA Institute

Since my own TFA training thirty years ago in the summer of 1991, I have spent as much time as anyone thinking about what the best advice is for new teachers — particularly new teachers in short term training programs … Continue reading

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Questions about the specialized high school admissions process from a specialized high school teacher. Final Part “What was the goal of these posts?”

About six weeks ago I began a project that I had been putting off for several years. As a blogger who has opinions on pretty much everything related to education I felt like my failure to write about this topic … Continue reading

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