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I Taught At The XQ Houston Super School

On September 8th Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell-Jobs, purchased a prime time commercial free hour on the four major TV networks to broadcast something called XQ Super School Live.  Reformers were celebrating and tweeting about viewing parties and things like … Continue reading

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KIPP School Booted From US News Best Schools List

U.S. News and World Report publishes an annual list of the best high schools based on a metric involving mostly AP tests.  Two months ago I noticed something strange when examining the data for a KIPP high school in New … Continue reading

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4th Best High School In New York Is A KIPP School That Doesn’t Exist

Yesterday I wrote about the U.S. News and World Report 2017 high school rankings.  I found some suspicious numbers when I noticed that the 29th best high school, and the 4th best in New York, was a KIPP school called KIPP … Continue reading

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Open Letters to Reformers I DON’T Know. Part IV: Arne Duncan

This is the sixteenth in a series of open letters I have written to reformers I know and, more recently, that I don’t know over the past two years.  Go here for links to the other letters and responses. 4/2/15 Dear … Continue reading

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The Death of math

Galileo once wrote “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.”  It is said that over the door of Plato’s Academy were the words “Let no one ignorant of geometry enter.”  Indeed, the word ‘Mathematics’ comes from … Continue reading

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How I teach 2.6 months more of math in a year than the rest of you slackers

A report was recently released which according to some TFA defenders “settles the issue” about the effectiveness of Teach For America teachers.  By comparing the standardized test scores of TFA teachers with varying amounts of experience to non-TFA teachers teaching … Continue reading

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Teacher quality at KIPP

I’ve written a bunch of posts about my visit to the KIPP high school in New York city over the past few months.  The first was a general summary and, since then, I’ve gotten more deeply into some of the … Continue reading

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Open Letters To Reformers I Know. Part 8: Wendy Kopp

Links to the rest of this series here My ‘open letter’ series culminates with this letter to the founder of Teach For America, Wendy Kopp.  I suppose that I’ve ‘known’ Wendy for twenty-one years as I first spoke to her … Continue reading

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Analyzing Released NYC Value-Added Data Part 2

In part 1 I demonstrated there was little correlation between how a teacher was rated in 2009 to how that same teacher was rated in 2010.  So what can be more crazy than a teacher being rated highly effective one … Continue reading

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Why I did TFA, and why you shouldn’t

There was a time, not very long ago, when I was an active volunteer alumni recruiter for TFA. And, as you might expect, I was great at it. One year, I think it was 1998, I did a recruitment session … Continue reading

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