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A Portrait of the Reformer as a Young Man

Michael Johnston is the TFA alum state senator from Colorado who sponsored the most extreme test-based ‘accountability’ law in the country.  Whereas ‘reformers’ debate whether the proper weight for value-added is 20% or 35%, Johnston’s SB-10-191 tortures teachers with a … Continue reading

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Does learning Math make students ‘college ready’?

In New York City, students are considered ‘college ready’ if they can score an 80 on the Algebra regents.  Eighty is actually not a percentage, but a scaled score — a curve — that equates to something like 57% of … Continue reading

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I love the smell of NAEPalm in the morning

Tennessee has been hailed as a ‘reform success’ because of its recent 4th and 8th grade NAEP gains between 2009 and 2013.  Even the President gave them a shout-out during his state of the union address a few months ago. … Continue reading

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Open Letters To ‘B-List’ Reformers I Know. Part 3: Michael Petrilli

With social media, I suppose I can say that I ‘know’ someone if we’ve sent tweets to each other over the years.  This is the case with Michael Petrilli.  He is executive vice president of The Fordham Institute, and, according … Continue reading

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Do Reformers Hate Teachers?

An article that recently got a lot of attention is called ‘Confessions Of A Teacher Hater’ by TFA alum Connor P. Williams.  I heard about this piece through Whitney Tilson’s email list and also from Michelle Rhee’s Twitter feed. The … Continue reading

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