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How many things wrong with this first day?

Today I noticed this tweet from TFA: This struck me, instantly, as a very unwise thing to say in a first day of school pep talk.  The link took me to this post by a very good new blogger. Since … Continue reading

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The Don’ts and Don’ts of Teaching

Having written two books of teaching advice, I was invited, a few months ago, to write a short article for Educational Leadership Magazine with the best advice I’d give to new teachers. I decided to focus on common rookie mistakes … Continue reading

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@2011s My Framework: Teaching As … Teaching

I am writing this post as a favor to the 2011 CMs.  It is not your fault that TFA can justify to themselves that a few hours of student teaching experience with class sizes of 15 or less makes you … Continue reading

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Tips On Being An Effective Teacher

Many people have been commenting that they’d like more helpful teaching advice and fewer angry rants from me.  When I started writing this blog, that was the main point, and most of my earlier posts were just that.  So what … Continue reading

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The Workshop That Got Me Banished From The Institute

After my first year of teaching, I developed some ideas to have a more successful second year.  They worked, and I began spreading the word, informally, for the next couple of years.  Then in 1995, I created a workshop about … Continue reading

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@2011s Can You Handle The Truth?

I believe that TFA does not think so, and I will use this post to explain what evidence I have for this claim and also speculate why that choose to underestimate you in this way. When I was growing up … Continue reading

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My ‘Math In Movies and TV’ video montage

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in trying to get TFA to improve that this blog might get a bit negative.  I forget that as one of the best math teachers in the country, I could sometimes use this as … Continue reading

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Why you should NOT make a big inspirational first day speech

Many CMs have already passed their first days, and I’ve been reading some posts and cringing a bit when I read about how new teachers spend a lot of time right away with their ‘setting big goals’ / ‘investment’ speech. … Continue reading

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Common teacher mistake #7

Common Teacher Mistake #7 — Overconfidence. This is one that particularly applies to new TFA teachers. I was a victim of this myself, back in the day, and the fact that it’s still a prominent issue makes me worry that … Continue reading

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Teaching as leadership critique part IX

Now that I’ve finished the entire book, including all the appendices, I’d like to make some conclusions and final reflections for any new teachers reading the book and especially for new TFA CMs. I think that one of the central … Continue reading

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